Sarpaneva Watches manufactures mechanical timepieces of outstanding quality, created in the spirit of the traditional watchmaker’s art. Sarpaneva Watches – Home,rh:sarpanevawatches. Sarpaneva Watches – Korona KNorthern Lights,rh:sarpanevawatches.

Sarpaneva Watches – Korona KSeasons,rh:sarpanevawatches. Stepan-Sarpaneva-Korona-K0-Northern-Lights-Lume-aBlogtoWatch-2. Sarpaneva Korona KNorthern Lights Watch Hands-On: Simply.


Sarpaneva-Korona-K0-Northern-Lights-9. Een andere afbeelding meldenMeld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. Korona KNorthern Lights introduces a breathtaking edition of three luminous timepieces: Green, Blue and Violet.

It was born as a fine collaboration with James . With a wooden handle and a cast iron body, this ultimate design classic is as functional in the kitchen as it is appealing on the dining table. Timo Sarpaneva (1926-2006) heeft Fins design internationaal op de kaart gezet. Als ontwerper, beeldhouwer en docent pionierde Sarpaneva met glaskunst dat . Deze prachtige Sarpaneva braadpan van Iittala heeft een klassiek ontwerp en is geschikt voor moderne kooktechnieken! Finnish independent watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva gave us a look at his new watches this year in Basel, and introduced a new member of the .

Stepan Sarpaneva is one of those gifted artists who has found his niche in mechanical watchmaking. Imbued with a certain design sense, possibly coming from .