Rustins danish oil

DANISH OIL – An oil finish, suitable for all types of wood. It differs from Teak Oil in that it contains special ingredients, which prevent it drying to a gloss. Rustins Danish Oil, ook wel Deense olie genoem is een kwalitatief hoogwaardige houtolie, die wereldwijd door veel houtbewerkers, en met nameĀ .

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Dries to a natural, low-lustre, satin finish.

A unique formulation developed by Rustins. Suitable for all types of woo brings out the beauty of the wood by providing a. A mixture of natural resins, natural oils and tung oil, Danish Oil penetrates the wood deeply and offers long-lasting, water-repellent wood protection. Rustins Danish Oil suitable for all types of wood. Unlike teak oil does not dry to a gloss finish. Unique formulation developed by Rustins gives a natural, openĀ . This page describes how to use Rustins Danish Oil.

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