Glass bank

It might be hard to believe the “Glass Bank” was once a visually stunning piece of architecture. Opened in 196 the structure was entirely . The innovative Glass Bank building became a Cocoa Beach eyesore that ultimately was torn down earlier this year.

The building was nicknamed “The Glass Bank”, because originally the structure boasted glass windows on it’s entire exterior. In the heart of Florida’s Space Coast, lays one of Cocoa Beach’s most iconic abandoned buildings. It got the name of The Glass Bank because its exterior was was.

Glass Bank Condominium Association wanted the building torn down.

The Glass Bank––brainchild of world-renowned architect Reginald Caywood Knight––arose from the barrier island in 1961. It was an audacious gesture, even . The man in the middle of a building controversy took his own life outside the Glass Bank building in Cocoa Beach Wednesday afternoon. City officials in Cocoa Beach are taking the last remaining steps necessary to demolish the Glass Bank building.

News comes today that Frank Wolfe, 8 owner of Cocoa Beach, Florida landmark The Glass Bank, died Wednesday February 201 as a result of a . As a result of the American Space Program of the 1960s, the City of Cocoa Beach, Florida underwent significant growth in population and . Take a 360-degree interactive Street View virtual tour of the exterior and interior of the now demolished Abandoned Glass Bank in Cocoa . The Glass Bank in Cocoa Beach Florida was in it’s heyday a crown jewel of the Space Coast of Cocoa Beach. Hurricanes and failed business eventually led to t.

Frank Wolfe’s Condo on top of the Glass Bank in Cocoa Beach. Wolfe in front of his ‘Mountain and fireplace in the Great Room. October’s Pet is none other than Morris, the legendary cat who for years called Cocoa Beach landmark the Glass Bank home. Up until recently, he’d been the .