Prolyte stage deck

Over the years, StageDex has developed into an independent product range, incorporating both LiteDeck and StageDex staging systems, crowd control systems . LiteDeck is the best performing and preferred decking system for demanding. While the welded side profiles give the stage platform a modern and “rock ‘n roll” .

Prolyte Stage DeX staging system offers the best possible way to construct a. The legs are fitted to the deck frame and are fixed in position by one simple . StageDEX is onderdeel van de Prolyte group, bekend om hun hoge kwaliteit aluminium. Daarnaast is het triplex deck op het frame gelijmd en geschroefd.

Prolyte StageDex zijn zeer stevige decks voor het bouwen van podia en. Afhankelijk van het soort deck kunt u hier direct een railing aan koppelen of een . The Stage DEX staging system consists of an aluminium frame made from a special extruded. Prolyte manufactures curved stage decks.

The Stage DEX staging system is efficient and lightweight and has a high loading capacity. The stage decks and support frames can be assembled fast and easy . The StageDex staging system is made from a special extruded aluminium profile. The plywood top is bolted and glued to this frame to reduce noise and vibration .

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